Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Workin' It: Weekend in Your Life

Hey ladies!
It's a Workin' It Wednesday today with Erika and Shay

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This month we're sharing: 

A weekend in my life!

I used this past Sunday, July 9 as part of my weekend. 
Now that it's summer my weekends are pretty calm and boring. 
During the school year I get caught up on cleaning, laundry and grading, but during the summer I have all day to do those things, so the weekend is pretty much like all of the other summer days for me!

I forgot all about taking pictures on Saturday, so Sunday was my go-to!

On Saturday it rained and rained and rained, so I did lots more cleaning and got to view these sweet things in between the rain. 

Sunday started late. 
I'm not used to sleeping in, but I woke up at 8:45!
I couldn't get a shower and get ready in 30 minutes, so I decided to watch church online while making eggs and toast for Alex and I. 

I was in a hurry, as Alex was leaving to golf, so this is all I have of our breakfast-the dirty dishes!

I listened to church message, and then headed downstairs to do an upper body workout. 
I've been loving various Pop Sugar Fitness videos lately, so I did another one of them. 

Then, shower and water/deadhead flowers. 

I spent a lot of time on the back porch working on a module for my Teenage Brain class. 

While working on my class work I did two loads of laundry. 

One of them went in the dryer and the other went outside on the line. 
I love using our outdoor clothes lines, but I'm picky about my clothes. 
I want them to feel soft and cozy, so I usually put clothes on the line and then fluff them up in the dryer. 
These were Alex's work clothes and he doesn't mind them to be hard, but he wasn't home to catch me throwing them in the dryer to fluff them up for him!

After finishing my module, I planned out the next four courses that I want to take. 
I've been loving Advancement Courses.
The course I'm currently taking is tough. 
It's all about parts of the brain and what they control and how it influences teenagers. 

Advancement Courses updated this course but sent me the old material. 
Unfortunately, it's been a bumpy ride, but they have been so gracious and helpful in trying to get me the assistance I need. 

After ordering a course, you have 6 months to complete it. 
I love the flexibility with these courses and hope to take four more within the next year. 

I spent some time in the dining room redecorating the table and some other areas.

I even grabbed a little nap in between Alex coming home from golfing and heading back out to the Indians game. 

I made dinner for myself.  

Then, I finished another great Holocaust book- Prisoner B-3087.

I took this book and a magazine I recently finished to the library drop-box and headed out on my bike to see my parents. 
I enjoyed a good bike ride, and then re-potted a flower did some upkeep on my flower boxes. 
For some reason we have earwigs really bad. 
I've actually found a few in our basement near where our utility sink and washer/dryer are, but it wasn't until this summer that they've capitalized on my flowers. 
Luckily I caught them before they destroyed everything, and now I'm on their game. 

I got to talk to a relative and plan another summer getaway, and then I finished the night working on this blog post and watching Full House. 


  1. You know, I've never actually used a clothes line. I think it's awesome that you do that.

  2. I need to watch season 2 of Fuller House- I'm so behind! That's awesome that you have the ability to hang clothes out to dry!

  3. You had a full Sunday!! Seems like it was a good one!

  4. That is cool that you can watch your church session online. I love the idea of hanging clothes outside again. But I am with you, I would need to fluff them!