Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Favorites: Hello there July

Hey all it's another Friday and that means it's time for Favorites!!
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Frappe's at the Pool

 I've been enjoying every moment I can get at the pool.
Alex has been working a lot lately, so sometimes he will stop by and bring me a frappe after work. 

It's so nice to enjoy a cold yummy drink while reading and seeing pretty blue pool water.

I don't like coffee, but I do love McDonald's frappe's. 
I really loved the caramel mocha, but the workers have convinced me that was never a frappe, even though I ordered it everywhere. 
Then the workers told me to order the chocolate chip without the chips because it's really mocha and caramel mixed together. 
Now they've taken away the chocolate chip, so I'm left with mocha. 
It's still good, and I prefer no whipped cream! 

Summer Class Sent Off

I finished one of my summer classes-Gifted Students in the Regular Classroom.
I actually really enjoyed reading about the various characteristics and strategies to help gifted learners. 
I'm now on to the Teenage Brain, which is something to be desired for. 
I should have thought twice about that class. 
It's really NOT fun!

I'm trying not to cram pack my summer with classes, but it's so much easier to do them now than during the school year. 
I actually plan to finish up 5 more courses over the rest of this coming school year and then be finished with grad classes forever! 

I know it won't be forever, but after getting my masters and taking these 5 additional classes, I've pretty well touched every topic that has something to do with what I teach. 
I think I need to take a break, and then in a few years when I need hours for renewal, I will find something more relevant.

Cruise Recap

We love traveling and had a great time visiting Marathon and aboard the Carnival Sensation. 
Check out my cruise recaps here. 

And to see my comparison of a Royal Caribbean ship and a Carnival one, click here

Blessings Box

Alex texted me this picture while he was working. 
How neat is this?!
It's like those little libraries where you can take and leave books. 

This just might be my FAVORITE thing all week!

4th of July Deals

I'm always looking for good deals. 
It's not necessarily that I need something, but I always have my eyes open for bargains. 

I got some greats deals for the 4th from JCrew and Accessory Concierge
Now, I don't think all of the sales are still going, but if you like to browse, like me, you should look!

How cute is this poncho/ cover-up?
It comes in two colors, but they're sold out right now. 
I'm betting they will come back soon. 
I scored this for 40% off!

I'm loving the frill and pom poms this summer. 
I scored this hat for 40% off too!

For some reason the rest of my pictures won't upload. 
Blogger is preventing it. 

I also grabbed some skirts at JCrew. 
My school doesn't have air conditioning, so it's HOT come the end of August and early September. 
I usually wear capri's and just suffer through, but I'm convincing myself that I will like skirts. 

I grabbed this polka dot one

I should have gotten this chambray one. Super cute!

Some deals are still going on. 
I love to follow Living in Yellow and Sheaffer Told Me To for style deals. 
In addition, I grabbed these specific ones earlier in the week from sales emails. 
Sign up for emails, you will get coupons and reminders of great bargains. 

I don't love 10-30% off. 
I normally don't buy something unless it's 40% or more!
These buys I was able to get from 40-60% off! 
Some with free shipping too!
Have a great weekend
Enjoy July!


  1. I love the blessing box! That's a really awesome idea!

  2. A frappe by the pool sounds like perfection and I have been loving your cruise recaps! Those Jcrew skirts are too cute and will be perfect for the beginning of the school year!

  3. That blessings box is so sweet! Have you looked on Purple Peridot's website? They have great accessories that are usually a lot cheaper than Accessory Concierge.

  4. I'm the same way with coffee, I'm not a fan but those frappe's are delicious!

  5. That poncho is sooooo cute. Also, Frappe's by the pool sounds like a great idea. What a great list of favorites. Have a great weekend!

  6. The Blessings Box is the greatest thing that I have seen this week! I just love that!


  7. That Blessing Box is such an amazing idea!!