Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sweet Summertime Recap: Week 6

Week 6 of Summer Vacay is over!!
How can it be week 6?

I really feel like I'm reliving Groundhog Day!

Each morning I get up and do the same thing. 

I'm not the type of person to get bored, but I think I finally have reached that point. 
Every day I wake up eat a little, run or workout, shower, watch Live with Kelly, eat an early lunch, go to the pool, shower and eat dinner. 
Every. Single. Day. I do those things!

While I love running and Live with Kelly and the pool, I'm kind have over it. 

So there's not much new to my recap this week. 
You will see lots of pool days!

Thursday, June 29

This was the first real summer morning to me. 
The weather was absolutely perfect to run. 
I didn't need long sleeves and capri's like I had been. 

I enjoyed the amazing morning weather, a day at the pool and a late night walk. 
All of those things shout SUMMER to me!

Friday, June 30

On Thursday I went to the pool, finished up some work on the computer and we ended our day with a cookout at a friend's house!

Saturday, July 1

On Saturday our little town celebrated the fourth of July!
Alex has been working a ton lately, so I've been hanging loose at the house/pool. 

I found this cute little toad hopping about in the yard. 
Can you spy him below?

We had a parade in town, friends over and then fireworks at our local park. 
I made this festive strawberry cream pie but wasn't a fan!
It might not have tasted the best, but it looked cute!

Sunday, July 2

On Sunday Alex was back at work, so I was back at the pool. 
One of my friend's is getting married next summer, and I've been getting these magazines, so I had fun reading them and marking articles that I think would be beneficial for her!
We had a cookout at my grandma's and enjoyed some outdoor activities of trying to hit a volleyball. 
I'm so uncoordinated!!

Monday, July 3

Monday was another day at the pool. 
I finished a Holocaust book that I was potentially thinking of using for my Overcoming Hardship literature circles, but it didn't work out. 

Tuesday, July 4

Tuesday was yet another pool day and another new Holocaust book. 

I cut my first batch of flowers to put in a vase in the kitchen. 
I love hand picked bouquets!

Wednesday, July 5

As I'm currently typing this I just got back from the pool. 
Still reading a great Holocaust book- Prisoner B-3087.
I've started another summer class- The Teenage Brain. 
I'm really not loving it. 
I should have realized it would be so specific about the parts of the brain when I signed up for it. 
So I'm going to try to hunker down and get some work done in it. 

Now I might just get crazy and not go to the pool today!
I think they're calling for rain, but we shall see. 
Have a great day!
Enjoy the sunshine or the rain!
I'm thinking my skin would probably enjoy some rain and less UV rays!


  1. Bummer about that pie - the star on it is too cute, though!

  2. I agree with those things feeling like summer! We usually spend each night out front just enjoying the cool breeze and it's amazing.

  3. Does the book for your book circle have to be Holocaust related? There are some other great historical fiction books from other world events that my kids adored reading.