Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Day in the Life: First Edition!

Today I'm recapping a day in my life!!
I always love to read about what others do in a day, so I thought it fitting to chronicle one of my typical days. 

 Up and at it at 4:30 a.m. 
I used to get up at 4 to get ready for work but since I cut my hair short, I get to sleep in until 4:30!!
I'm actually a morning person, so this time doesn't really bother me. 

Fix my hair, and then head to the kitchen for some oatmeal and milk.

 While eating my breakfast I have a little devotional time and watch the 5 a.m. local news.

 Right before 5:30 I head out the door to go to work. 
On this day it was quite chilly. 

 Christmas music all the way.

 Right around 6 I make it to school. 
Look at all of the snow on this morning. 

 Room 108 welcomes me!

 On this day it was super cold inside. 
I'm typically cold, but on this day I was SO cold!
My heater was blowing cold air.
I really did think the furnace might have broke, so I went to check with the janitor. 
It was okay, but a little delayed I think.
I wore my coat for half of the morning. 

 This was my 7 o'clock. 
By this point I had been at school for almost an hour. 
I love getting there early because nearly no one else is there, and I do my best work in the morning!

 We had a debate in all of my classes on this day. 
I wish I could show you how awesome of a job they did, but I will show you a couple yard signs instead. 
Cores 1 and 2 were trying to determine if they could combine past and present stances of candidates to create the perfect president. 
Each student chose a successful or unsuccessful candidate from the past and present to create a new candidate with a logo, slogan and yard sign. 

 My 10 o'clock looked like this with a little planning on Padlet. 
If you're a teacher and haven't used Padlet, check it out!
It's like an online pad of paper. 

I clearly got caught up the rest of the afternoon in our debates that I didn't take one picture. 

 Around 3 I headed home, and it was still pretty chilly. 

 About 4 I chose to workout in the basement on this day. 
I alternate between running and lifting. 
Sometimes I do a workout video, but on this day I did my own workout. 

 I did some computer work around 6

 At 7 we went to a trails meeting to try to get hiking/biking/walking trails in our area. 
The meeting was at a local church/preschool. 
This is where I went to preschool and that's my same preschool teacher!
Awesome memories happened in that room!

On this night I got caught up in a Hallmark movie and didn't go to bed until super late. 
I'm not a late to bed person, but I clearly was on this night. 


  1. These are my very favorite types of posts! Those yard signs are quite clever - I remember having people dress up as candidates in grade school and go around to each class campaigning. So much fun!

    1. Yes! We did the exact same thing in grade school. So fun!

  2. I love these kinds of posts. It's always fun to see how somebody else spends their day! I love your classroom debate idea. It sounds like it was fun!