Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nighttime Skincare Routine

I've been reading a lot about other people's skincare routine recently, and I just made an appointment with my dermatologist, so I thought it was fitting to share my own routine.

I've always had troubled skin.
I swear I spend more time a day on my skin, but it still acts up.
With that being said, I've been on nearly every acne medication known to man, be it topical or oral.


I'm sure there's more, but I will stop there.
I started off with a dermatologist who really wasn't proactive in clearing up my skin. 
I felt like he was more concerned about getting on to his next patients, so I switched.
Thank goodness!
I now go to a phenomenal health care center called Trillium Creek. 
They have multiple locations, a boutique, salon, their own makeup line, etc.

My skin is still a struggle, but it's a lot better than it used to be.
I'm very self-conscious as I have some scarring, but there's not a whole lot they can do about it.

Dove Soap
I wash my face in the shower with Dove soap.

Avene Makeup Remover
After getting out of the shower I use Avene Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. 
Some remover makes my skin burn, but this one does not. 
I squirt a little bit on a cotton pad and wipe off what wasn't taken off from the Dove soap.

I've had my Clarisonic for about 5 years. I actually think it's starting to go bad becuase I have to constantly have it charged, but I like to use it 3 or so times a week with Dove soap or a Green Tea cleanser from my dermatologist. 
I love how smooth my skin is after using it.
I just like to be careful not to overuse it and make my skin irritated.

After the Clarisonic I will use CeraVe moisturizer all over my face or my Green Tea Serum.
CeraVe was another recommendation from my dermatologist that works as a great moisturizer.

Green Tea Serum
This serum comes from a line by my dermatologist. It's supposed to be used on specific spots like around the eyes and nose, but sometimes I use it all over. 
You don't need a lot; only a pump or two for it to spread out. 

I'm currently using Aczone to spot treat my acne. If a spot pops up, I put a dot of Aczone on it. It's too powerful to use all over my face as it will dry it out instantly, so I make sure to use my moisturizer first before putting it on.
Sometimes I use more of it than others.

That's my current nighttime routine.
Do you have any suggestions to add in or products that you love and want to share?

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