Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday Favorites: It's Black Friday!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving spending time with the ones you love!
I know some crazy people are out shopping right now, but I'm probably still in bed enjoying a little break from my early morning alarm for school.
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I have been a Hallmark junkie the past week. 
If you haven't checked out the Hallmark channel, take a look.
They are running movies 24-7. 
I typically watch the 5 o'clock news while eating my breakfast, but now I watch Christmas movies!
What better way to start your day than with a Hallmark movie?!

Christmas Land is one of my favorites!
A NYC businesswoman inherits her grandmother's home/village and plans to put it up for sale until she gets there and starts falling for Christmas Land.

A Cookie Cutter Christmas made me stay up past my typical bedtime to see the end.
I think the fact that it involved a teacher, baking and Christmas did me in!!
A teacher participates in a holiday bake-off and falls for one of her student's father while tutoring the little girl.

When you turn on the tv and can name the movie and have already seen it is a problem!
I rewatched Hats off to Christmas while making soup one morning.
A widow who has a child in a wheelchair manages the town's favorite Christmas store: Hats off to Christmas! She is asked to train her boss' son, who has no interest in Christmas but soon because smitten by the widow's young son. 

Can you see those little white spots on the ground?!
Our first snow happened last Saturday.
If you know anything about the weather in Ohio, you know you never can prepare for what should happen next!!
On Friday it was 75 degrees. 
I came home from work and went running in shorts. 
I washed my car and took out screens and washed the front windows. 
We even went on a walk at 9 p.m., and it was super warm!
We work up Saturday morning to rain and by noon it was snowing!!
The temperature had dropped around 40 degrees in only 3 hours!!!

This was my view when I got to school on Monday! 

Rick Warren
If you haven't read my post yesterday on being thankful in all circumstances, check it out here
I read it a year or so ago and bookmarked it on my phone.
I refer back to it several times throughout the year. 
It is so hard sometimes to be thankful when we are going through very hard trials, but Rick reminds us to be thankful IN all circumstances not necessarily FOR all circumstances.

Black Friday Deals

It's Black Friday...
I used to love looking through the ads on Thanksgiving morning while watching the parade, but I really didn't see anything great this year.

What I am loving are the online deals.

I'm not a crowd person, so I'm not really into going to the stores and pushing through people. 
We may go out for a little while later today, but I like to specifically time it up for when the crowds are in between. 
I've found that 9 a.m is a great time because the all-nighters have gone home and the Saturday crowd is still getting ready to head out. 

I've listed some great deals that I'm debating purchasing below. 
If you see an item that you have or think would be a great purchase, let me know!!!

I initially loved this style of top in dress form, but most of the sizes have sold out.
I'm thinking of pairing one of these tops with a skirt.
I really love the red and thought of wearing it with a black pencil skirt, but I also found the red skirt below.

Use code Celebrate for 50% off at Ann Taylor.



I've had my eye on these booties since the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.
I kept hoping they would go back on sale and they have!!!
Only $77.
I really love them in this Brindle Leather color

This is another pair of booties that I've had my eyes on.
I really love them but am afraid I won't get as much wear out of them now that it's basically winter here.
They also come in two other colors.

Here's another pair that I haven't seen before but really like.
I need a pair of black booties, so these really caught my eyes.
They also come in a leather color.

Kendra Scott Items 20%

I forgot all about this bracelet until I saw a picture of it.
Then, I frantically ran to my jewelry box because I hadn't seen it in forever.
I could NOT find it.
This was driving me crazy because I put everything back in its place after I use/wear it.
I was so sure that this cuff had fallen off my wrist like some other bracelets, and I hadn't noticed and lost it.
Then, I remembered my travel jewelry bag.
And that's exactly where it was.
Tucked away in its traveling spot.
I pulled it out and have been enjoying wearing it again.

Lots of Kendra Scott items are 20% off right now at Nordstrom.

These Lee earrings are some of my favorite as they aren't as large as the other ones.

Well, today I'm anticipating putting up our Christmas tree!!
Wish me luck as I find a place for our too many decorations!
In addition, I need to find a White Elephant Christmas gift for our ThanksChristmas tomorrow night!
Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Hallmark Channel has been non-stop playing on my TV for the past week now :) Happy Friday!

    Sarah Bell
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