Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November Goals

I always enjoy the end of each month because it means a new, fresh, clean page is awaiting me on my calendar. I typically hate the beginning and the end of everything, so this is a rare occasion.
I enjoy the openness that each month brings. 
Lots of hope and anticipation of what's to come.
This month I hope to do the following:

Decide on our first ever Christmas dinner at our house. We used to have Christmas dinner at my grandma's or her friend Ruthie's but since their passing we haven't really had a Christmas dinner. 
I'm so excited to bring this tradition back. 
I'm considering our Christmas dinner menu and who all will attend as our home isn't the largest.
If you have any suggestions on menu items, please comment below!

 Honorary teacher luncheon. I'm anticipating doing a littler honorary dinner for a nominated teacher in each of my classes. This is something new that might become a tradition. It's still in the planning stage, but I want my students to experience a Thanksgiving/Christmas party within our class. Unfortunately, many of my students don't get anything special on Thanksgiving or Christmas, so I want to bring the joy and fun to them by allowing them the chance to honor a teacher and learn how good it feels to give.

 We have a little caulking to finish underneath the kitchen cabinets.
You can't really see this area, but I want to get it caulked but have been putting it off.

 Order living room cabinet doors.
We repainted the living room and when we took the cabinet doors off and painted them; they no longer fit right.
So, we need to custom order some new cabinet doors. 

Put up the Christmas Tree!
I love Christmas and last year I had Alex's tree to put up, my own tree and my parents tree. It seemed like a lot to do, so we put Alex's tree up mid-November.
I'm thinking that may continue as we now put our tree up together in our new home together.

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