Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Stranded: Outerwear Edition

Happy Monday!
Today I'm linking up with Shay and Erika for
Outwear Edition

This would be my very first pick.
It has thumb holes and is water repellent.
I wear it to go running all of the time and even wear it on dress down Friday's at school.
If you're a runner or walker or just enjoy a nice comfy Nike jacket, you need this one!

I really love this grey utility jacket
It's on sale right now for $69.90 and comes in two other colors!

I'm always cold and hate thinking I might not be prepared for the conditions, so I'm taking my super warm winter coat! 
I bought a coat very similar to this one last year.
I was a huge fan of one of my Under Armour coats. It was super warm but a size too big, so it felt rather bulky. I decided to upgrade to something that I would wear a bit more because it wasn't so big. 
So I landed on one like this North Face one but without a hood. 

And.. I'm breaking the rules and adding a fourth because you NEED it!

This is a nice medium-weight edition coat.
This coat is on sale right now for $37.90!!
It comes in three other colors and is perfect for any chilly fall/winter day!


  1. Love the military jacket - one of my choices for sure!