Monday, November 21, 2016

Festive Dresses

I started thinking about a dress for our Christmas Eve service the other day. 
I've been good at reusing some items in my closet, so I thought I'd take a look at some new dresses. 
I found a few that I like, but I'm waiting for some to go on sale.
The thing about a Christmas dress is that I'd like for it to have sleeves. 
It's pretty cold in Ohio during Christmas, so while all of the sleeveless ones are super cute, they just aren't warm enough for this girl!

Some Banana Republic Favorites:
Right now they are having 50% off with code BRFIFTY

I really love this scalloped dress. It has scallops around the waist, which is hard to see in the image. In addition, it comes in red and black.

This bell sleeve polka dotted dress is very cute, but I don't think it would look right on me. 

This has a super cute ruffle neckline. 
I'm somehow always drawn to black dresses.
I think they look classy.
Since I have so many in my closet; I'm going to pass.

Ann Taylor:
I love this fluted sleeve dress and am waiting for it to go on sale. 
This is the dress that I really want.

I love the collar neck on this dress.
It's classy yet festive, but it's sleeveless.

So I'm really torn between 1 and 4...
Which dress do you like best?

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