Monday, November 28, 2016

Let's Talk: Christmas Traditions

Happy Monday!
I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing holiday and extended weekend. 
I feel like the time just keeps racing by. 
Today we are off of school because it marks the beginning of hunting season. 
I'm not a hunter, but I sure will enjoy the day off!

Today I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika to share a little Let's Talk...
This time around we are sharing Christmas Traditions!!

Now, I feel like Christmas traditions will take on a whole new meaning this year as it's my first year being married. 
For today, I will talk about traditions from the past; however, it's all game to change this year. 

Crazy Gifts

My brother, cousin and I started this tradition a few years back of gifting each other a crazy gift. 
The process of getting to the gift might be crazy or the gift itself might be crazy...

This might have been the year that started it all.
Garron thought he was going to get me good by giving me 
 a gift wrapped in duct tape
It took forever to get the tape off (yes, he alternated directions) and actually get to the gift. 
Funny thing is, I don't remember the gift...just the wrapping.

What is hilarious, is that my brother gave Garron a box that when opened shot off poppers. 
boom, bang, boom 
That was the sound as he opened the box. 

This led to many many years of tricks...

One year I received a TV...
No, actually a really huge box with a lot of peanuts inside and a gift card!

One year my cousin got a box full of marshmallows....
where he had to unscramble the marshmallows with words on them to find out what his present was. 

One year I got a bow from my brother 
and arrows from my cousin

Last year I got a raccoon head

I love this tradition so much, but I'm really stumped this year. 
Any ideas on how to get payback to my cousin yet again?
If so, please comment below.

Family Time

We always get pictures taken on Christmas morning in front of our tree at my parents as in the picture above


 on Christmas Eve in front of the fireplace at my grandma's after Christmas Eve Candelight service


 on Christmas Day in front of my other grandma's tree

  I love family time and really enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Christmas Dinner

This year we are starting a new tradition again.
As a kid we always had Christmas dinner at my grandma's house with my family from New York who we only got to see once or twice a year. 
I remember trying to figure out the exact time that my New York family would arrive. 
I tried to get home from school and ride my bike across town to my grandma's or have someone take me so that I could get in as much time as possible with them. 
It's fitting to show the picture below.
My Aunt Kathy would always come with some game for us to play. 
The guys would hate it, but she would make them play. 
She would always take us to a movie and give us at least one book as a Christmas present. 
I loved those days so much.

If my grandma didn't have dinner, her close friend had it. 
It's been a rough few years as my grandma went to the nursing home and since has passed. 
I rarely see my New York family and Christmas dinners will never be the same, but I'm bound to bring the tradition back to life. 
My husband and I actually bought my grandma's house, so we will be having Christmas dinner in the exact same house, at the exact same table, in the exact same room as I did when I was a child. 
I CANNOT wait!


 Last year we had a cookie day at my grandma's where we prepared dough ahead of time and baked them at her house. 
We had a blast. 

What I remember most about Christmas baking is in the picture below
Grandma Helen got me into baking..
We would spend hours each Christmas in the kitchen at that exact spot making 
Reese's Cup, Hershey Bud, Pizzels, Apricot filled, Raisin filled, chocolate chip and buns
I would nearly give anything to relive those days. 

Our goal was to always fill up the dining room table. 
She may be gone but the goal is still there. 
I have the same dining room table and will definitely be filling it up this year!

 Those are only a few of our traditions, but I can't wait to see the new ones in the future!
As I mentioned earlier, I really need to think up of a great tricky gift for my cousin this year. 
Not only do I have Christmas, but he is graduating in December and his birthday is the day after Christmas. 
Bring on all of the tricky gifts!! :)


  1. The crazy gifts are such a fun idea - I can totally see that being something my husband would do with his brother! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. That is a massive amount of cookies! Does each person just take a tin home? I love that you guys do trick gifts! That sounds like so much fun!

    1. Yes! Everyone takes some home! We have cookies for weeks! :)