Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Most Wonderful Time: Christmas Cards

 Today I'm linking up with Sarah and Victoria for It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!
Grab their graphic and linkup.

Before we begin I have to announce that today marks Snow Day #1 for me!
Yesterday we got a big snow storm.
My students were praying that we would let our early, alas, we did not!
The commute home was a bit treacherous, but today I'm sleeping in a bit and going to enjoy baking, cleaning and wrapping!

 Today we're sharing Christmas Cards!!
This is our first year of being married at Christmas.
So, check out our very FIRST Christmas card!
A big thank you to Andrea from Momfessionals for creating this beautiful design!



I cannot get over Andrea's talent.
She nailed it!

...and then look at the invite below...
My own creation... I could use some lessons from Andrea!

And if you are in our immediate family, you received one of these with your Christmas card-an invite to our very first Christmas dinner!

Tomorrow is the last day of this awesome linkup.
I want to thank both Sarah and Victoria for creating it.
I love everything Christmas and have totally enjoyed posting and reading others' posts!

Tomorrow we're sharing Christmas: More Than Gifts!!


  1. I LOVE Andrea's design style! I think I'm going to have her do ours next year :) So cute!

  2. Your cards are gorgeous and I have really loved this link up too! I hope to follow along with your blog more that we have connected through the link up! Have a great day!

  3. I LOVE your card. It is beautiful and I love using wedding photos for the year you got married!