Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Most Wonderful Time: Holiday Home Tour

 Today we're sharing our Holiday Home Tour with Sarah and Victoria
Grab the graphic and linkup. 

I shared most of our home tour when I linked up with Andrea yesterday.
Today, I'm just going to share our living room and a few new shots of it as well.

It has been a dreary few days here in Ohio.
The rain wasn't ceasing yesterday, so whether it was noon or 4 p.m. it still appeared dark outside.
The shots aren't the best; I'm working on finding better lighting.

I love mixing and matching patterns and textures.
We have lots of gold and sparkle on our tree.
I alternated horizontally from like lattice ribbon to large beads of garland to smaller glitzy beads of garland, and then I roped this shimmer tape vertically through the tree.

Tucked away in the basket of magazines is our Christmas Book. 
I received it as a kid from one of my cousins and just a year or so ago ran out of room, so I ordered a new one. 
It has spots for the weather, activities, gifts, menus and pictures for each Christmas. 
Do you see the Jesus sign above?
If you look at it from a distance you see JESUS spelled out.
Some people never see that.
This was my grandma's.
It always sat on her tv stand.
When she passed I received it.
How fitting to have Merry Christmas Jesus!

 We have such neat little decor shops.
There are so many of them, and I can always find something!

Tomorrow we're sharing our Christmas Gift Guide!


  1. Your living room is gorgeous! I really love your tree so much but I also love all of the other touches throughout your living area!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

    1. Thank you! This is such a fun linkup. I love seeing everyone else's homes!

  2. Your decor is so well done! I need you to come on down to Texas and teach me your beautiful ribbon weaving ways!! Haha! :)

    1. Aw thanks! No talent here, just keep trying and trying and trying until it looks somewhat decent! Texas weather sounds nice right about now!! ;)

  3. I love the rustic theme of your Christmas decorations. That tree topper is beautiful. I need those stockings!!

    1. Thank you! Everything is so full of glitter or shimmer. My hardwood floors are basically shining with gold glitter!