Thursday, December 15, 2016

Most Wonderful Time: Real Reason

 Today is the last day of the It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year linkup with Sarah and Victoria!
Grab their graphic and let's share how we make Christmas about the real reason!

Today we're sharing how we make Christmas about more than gifts and the craziness that's often involved!

 The figurines above remind me of the real reason of the season.
When I was a young child I was given one piece each Christmas by a close family friend, who was basically another grandma to me.
I used to place them in my bedroom, but now they are in our dining room. I pass them numerous times throughout the day, and I always look at them with happiness!
One-for our dear family friend sharing Jesus with us
Two-for God giving up his ONE and ONLY son for me!

Along these same lines there is a manger scene in a town that I go through on my way to work.
At the wee hours of the morning most people's Christmas lights are off, but this manger scene is still lit.
I look for it each morning and say a little prayer thanking God for giving up the only son he had for a person filled with sin like myself.
It really is unimaginable how much God loves us to be able to give up the only son he had.

Each morning I do a little daily devotional.
This is my regular daily devotional; however, I love sitting beside the Christmas tree reading scripture.
I often wonder, "will this be the year?"
Will Jesus return to save us all?

My final and probably most favorite part of Christmas is Christmas Eve service.
Give me all of the Christmas songs and let me listen to the messages filled with HOPE!
I often find myself in tears at how awesome the excitement is for Christmas.
It's not for the presents; although, I'm sure we would all say they're nice.
God can give us far more than we can ask and imagine.
Not only on Christmas but everyday.
Sometimes we wonder if he is still there, but time after time I see his grace and love and know that he wants nothing more than for all of us to love him!
I've been praying intently lately for those who don't know God, who think he isn't real and question his existence. I pray they will find him this Christmas, and if not now then soon.
We need him!


  1. Like you, I love doing an advent devotion each year! They really help to put things into perspective. And I bet the manger scene is so beautiful in the morning.
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. I seriously LOVED this entire link-up! Hope you and your family have a great holiday!

  3. I just love the sentimental value your nativity set has! So sweet.