Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Favorites: December at last!

Happy Friday all!
The short weeks always seem like long ones.
I'm glad that it's Friday.
We have a whole lot of nothing planned for the weekend, and I'm happy to just sit at home.
I think I will sit by the Christmas tree and read.
It might even snow, so that's all the better.
Grab your link and linkup with Andrea,  Erika and Narci.

I don't have any pictures, but my best friends and I do an annual ThanksChristmas after Thanksgiving.
We all bring food and have dinner.
Then, we do like a white elephant gift exchange.
This year the girls did a gift exchange, and the guys did one too.
The guys are too funny and didn't want their exchange to end, so they kept making up random rules so that they could keep trading gifts.
It took us girls a whole solid not even 5 minutes to do ours.
I love this time with friends.
Many of them I've been friends with since elementary school.
Some of them I don't see often now, but it's always fun to get together.

I did my first Day in the Life post. 
It involved some Jesus time, snow, planning and a good workout.
If you didn't see it and want to check out a Day in the Life of Beth, click here

 We received our Christmas cards this week.
I'm not going to share them quite yet, but I love them.
Andrea did a fabulous job.
I love that she's a teacher, mom and does awesome design work!

Here's a sneak peek at the pictures that I sent her.
Some of them made it...
some of them did not.
Can you guess which ones made the final cut?

Everything looks so much better when you're beside the ocean!

Did you see my holiday traditions post earlier in the week.
If you didn't, you can check it out here.
One of my favorite traditions is the crazy gifts that my brother, cousin and I gift. 
I'm still on the hunt for a trick idea for this year.
Any ideas?!

This is the fun we've had over the past few years...

Those would be a whole lot of mini marshmallows!
Best cousin award!

Have the best weekend!
I hope it involves twinkles lights, cozy blankets and some good ole relaxation!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Your wedding pictures are gorgeous!!! I hope you've framed them all. I'm so jealous. My wedding pictures are quite... dated. Ha! ;)