Thursday, December 8, 2016

Most Wonderful Time: Gift Guide

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 Today we're sharing our Christmas Gift Guide!!

I love Christmas shopping!
I'm not really a Black Friday shopper because I'm not a fan of crowds, but I will stalk the deals online.
I usually start shopping in July at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, and then sometimes I forget what I've bought by the time Christmas rolls around.

This year I've done a ton of online shopping.
Now that I think about it, I'm not sure that I've even bought one gift for someone else at the store.
It's just too easy to put it in my online shopping cart and have it delivered to my door for free! :)

Today I'm going to share gift ideas for women and men.
Unfortunately, there are no cute, sweet little babies in our family.

I got this men's North Face jacket for my husband.

If you're husband or any guy works outside like mine and you live in an area where it will be snowing and in the single digits some days, they might like these wool socks.

Speaking of the cold... these are my favorite cold gear leggings.
I run outside all winter, and it gets super cold here, so I need something that keeps me warm.
These base layers are my absolute favorite!!!
They have different levels.
The 4.0 are the most warm.
I can wear them outside when it is in the negatives and be warm!!!
These are them in women's!
I like to buy them at the Under Armour Factory Store.
If you have one close, you can typically get them for around $25!

I got these super comfy Zella leggings for my brother's girlfriend.
They're currently on sale.

And I got her this super cute mint top.

Finally, I love to do fun things.
I can't say that most of the people I buy for need anything.
So, this year I am surprising my mom and mother-in-law with a spa day!
I told them to mark off this coming Saturday on their calendar months ago.
This past weekend they received the above invite!!
I still haven't told them exactly what we are doing because I LOVE surprises!
It will be fun!
#girlsday #spaday

I still have one person left on my brother.
Men are so hard to buy for.
My husband has told everyone he didn't want anything and then went last weekend and bought a new tv.
I'm really considering a nice pair of dress work shoes for my brother.
Anyone have great ideas on men's shoes?

Tomorrow, it's Friday!
We're sharing What's In My Bag: Christmas Edition!


  1. Cold gear leggings are the best this time of year - I wear mine even to just shovel snow because of their extra warmth.

  2. I love that men's north face jacket. My husband would love that. I like the idea of the spa day too. Those are always the best.

  3. I'm going to have to get those socks for my husband because he hunts in really cold temps...I'm so glad you shared those! Thanks girl!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts